Wellbeing during the Conference

FAccT is jam-packed with opportunities and activities, but we don’t want you all to push past your personal limit in order to participate. We want your wellbeing to come first, and engagement to come second!

  1. Take breaks when you need to.

  2. Turn your video off when you feel like it during a session.

  3. Remember to drink water and eat meals when you want.

  4. Get up from your seat to move, stretch, jump, shake or dance. Really anything to re-energize and connect to your body does wonders!

We want everyone feeling grounded and ready to participate, with or without snacks at hand. For more information on self-care in a virtual environment, check out this resource from Allied Media Conference.

“For what good is knowing, unless it is coupled with caring?” - Robin Wall-Kimmerer

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PRO TIP: Remember, you can watch all of the Paper sessions at your leisure so you don’t need to attend everything live. You can find the pre-recorded paper presentations in the conference hub library.