Congratulations on your accepted FAccT paper!

You’ve already recorded your talk. Your paper will have a page in the conference site and a “topic” in the conference social space. Attendees can view the video in advance on the page, submit a question that will be provided to the session chair, or join the conversation on the social site. You are welcome to engage and interact with questions on your paper’s topic, but not required to. A session volunteer will collect unaddressed questions there for your live Q&A.

Your paper is assigned to a session. There is a session volunteer and a session chair assigned to that session who will facilitate. During your paper’s session, participants will watch your prerecorded talk on one of the conference live streams and then the live Q&A session.

For FAccT, we’re aiming to build discourse and engagement, so the session chairs have been provided with a moderation guide to facilitate the Q&A sessions more like panels than a traditional Q&A session. We hope this will create more diaglogue, encouraging authors to interact dynamically and deeply instead of only a few questions for each paper.