Volunteer Info

Welcome Volunteers! Below are some helpful guidelines and expectations for volunteer support at FAccT 2021.

Potential Roles

  • Helping attendees get oriented in virtual spaces like Circle.so

  • Translating social media during the conference from English into other languages

  • Facilitating group discussions and breakout rooms during the CRAFT and tutorials

  • Encouraging conversation on conference discussion boards

  • Collecting open questions on Circle.so discussion boards and sharing them with relevant speakers and moderators

  • Helping coordinate and organize volunteers

  • Zoom host help for DC

Volunteer to Volunteer tips:

Volunteers from the first few sessions have shared the following tips:

  • For interactive sessions, test the note-taking link provided by the presenters, (for example, padlet, google docs, etc) before the start of the sessions to make sure that they are editable.

  • Discuss before going live with everyone (including tech support) which kinds of questions you want to answer privately (e.g. tech issues)

  • Publish messages that are not questions(eg “thank you”), only at the end of the session to help attendees see questions so they can upvote them

  • determine with your session chair who will accept/reject the questions in slido

  • determine if your session chair wants to chat via zoom or circle if needed during the session

  • determine with your moderator who will mark as read all the questions that have been answered already.

  • Check that Sli.do moderation is on before the session starts for safety

  • Collect any shared links and post them to Circle, the question will disappear when marked answered or at the end of the session


Circle.so Basics

Circle simulates a social network and discussion board during the conference. As volunteers, you will be responsible for collecting interesting posts for the sessions you support. You will gain access to the space before most other attendees.

Login and access is tied to your registration so there is no need to sign up with a new username and password. Using Circle is fairly intuitive if you have used Facebook or other social media platforms. Like, comment and make new posts in the different Conference and Social Spaces.


  • Doctoral Colloquium: Agenda and projects featured in the DC.

  • Paper Sessions: Each paper has its own post where attendees can comment, like or leave questions. These comments are also visible on the Hub on the Paper page

  • Tutorials: Like the paper sessions, each tutorial has its own post where attendees can comment, like or leave questions.


  • there is a private space for each CRAFT


  • Where in the world: Where you are from and where you are accessing the virtual conference?

  • Collective Reading List: What have you been reading? What papers, reports, or articles have been helpful in guiding your work? This is a place to collectively build a reading list or syllabus.

  • Jargon Central: What does that word mean? What does that acronym stand for? How can we think about the language we use during the conference? This is a space to identify Jargon, ask for help or break down terminology with other attendees.

  • Hallway conversations: A social space for all attendees to get to know each other.