Welcome to the FAcct21 Guide

Welcome to the FAccT 21 Conference Guide. This handbook to the conference should help provide any additional information about how things are going to go. We have worked hard over the past several months to make a thoughtful equitable and engaging online experience for attendees at FAccT21 and one of the most important features of that process for us is to create transparent documentation of all of the things that we have planned. We hope that the conference site is easy to navigate but know that there are somethings that are best with some extra guidelines.

This handbook also includes information about the processes for session chairs, authors, and volunteers.

Further, we’ve released this as CC0 so it is free for others to use.


Sarah Brown Virtual Experience Chair

Maya Richman Virtual Experience Consultant

To get started, if you have not already, see the Registration site to get access to the full conference experience.